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Attention Scout Leaders! Whether you are working on a creative badge or looking for a social community outing, Cone 06 can help!

At Cone 06, Scouts can enjoy a fun craft activity while earning try its and badges. We offer special group prices for local scout outings with a range of projectgs to fit all budgets. Brushfire provides all the set up, instruction, necessary materials, and cleanup. Girls or leaders select pieces of pottery, glaze colors, and designs. They paint the pieces which are then glazed and fired on site. Pottery is ready for pickup in 1 week.

Ceramic activities may complete some of the requirements on the Colors and Shapes Try It, Ceramics and Clay, Art in the Home, Arts Around the World Dabbler, and Popular Art badges.


For an additional fee, we'll bring the FUN to you! We have lots of pieces to choose from to fit any budget! Call us and we'll set up a custom project for you and your group.
Great for:

  • Schools 
  • Daycares
  • Church groups 
  • Home school groups
  • Scout troops 
  • Camps


 too big to travel...